Electrical Inspections for Homes, Sheds, and Municipalities

Home Electrical Inspection Fee Schedule

Homes with 1,900 sq. ft. $300.00
Homes with over 2,000 sq. ft. $ 350.00 and up
Power electrical service where Ameren connects $175.00
Service change with overhang and load center 2” conduit main ground $3,600

International Code Council (ICC) Home Inspections
Termite inspections $120.00
Radon test $200.00
Radon mitigation $ 80.00
Sheds up to 200 ft. $50.00
Sheds over 200 ft. $100.00

Older homes built before 1945 – fees will be applied
Homes over 3,000 ft. – fees will be applied individually
Sheds over 500 ft. will be priced individually

Prices are subject to change at Hejjra’s cost of living adjustment.
35% discount for municipalities

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